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MaxiSMS Demo Program In order to use this demo program you should download the Microsoft .Net 3.51 Framework from Microsoft's Website as well as the Microsoft SQL Server Express edition. MaxiSMS uses both above mentioned products to operate. You need a fast ADSL line to download these programs.
If do not have a fast internet connection we recommend that you order a Demo CD from Info-Edu.

Please be aware that this version is only a trial version. There are certain functions that are not available, however you will be able to send SMS's once you purchased SMS's from us. Please contact our offices for the purchase of SMS's and to receive your username and password. The are no time limit for using the unregistered version, however the sentence www.maxisms.net will be added to each SMS's.
If you want to use functions that are not available in the unregistered version you can purchase the full version of the program. Please contact us for purchase options.