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  MaxiSMS is user-friendly!  
  • Can send immediate or scheduled SMS's .
  • Can also send e-mail. With the "Insert Database Field" function e-mail becomes a mailmerge function.
  • Is a comprehensive database of all your clients' information.
  • Even allows inserting of photos in a clients record.
  • Also allows adding of an attachment to a clients record.


  More information: MaxiSMS.pps  
  • The program is a off-line product installed on a normal PC running Windows XP or Windows 7.
  • The power of the program is sending Bulk SMS's via the internet.
  • User can buy credits from Info-Edu. Credits will only expire if you don't send any SMS's in a years time. For the rest will credits be transfered from month to month.
    For pricing of the credits see Pricing.
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